Rap Sheet

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No, this isn’t a listing of Mike’s arrests and convictions. That’s an entirely different type of “Rap Sheet.” This one is a bit more fun and personal. Enjoy!


Mike is the kind of person who  has to put everything on a “To Do” list in order to get it done.
For two decades he drove a huge Econoline handicap van with a big bulky lift. He was “King of the Road.”
What made Mike switch to a “Soccer Mom and Dad” mini-van? The sun roof option.
Full disclosure. Mike also drives a grimy Saab convertible (aptly named “The Therapist”) bought new in 1993.
What’s on his bucket list? Too much. The world is always showing him something new.
Beer? Stella Artois, Pacifico or a good microbrew.
Wine? French sparkling or Italian prosecco.
Mixed drink? Can’t say he’s ever had one.
45 mph. The fastest he’s ever gone in his racing wheelchair. That’s fast!
According to Mike, he’d last about .002 seconds on “Survivor.” “I’ve got no social game. Plus, I get cranky when I’m hungry.”
Mike has lived in 5 different states in 3 different time zones, and he’s been to 5 continents.
Hawaii was home for one year. It is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual yet remote and isolating place.
He says just when he starts to miss New England, he’ll turn on the Weather Channel to see blizzards and deep freezes.
When it’s warm, well, that’s when he misses New England a ton.
There is no place he’d rather be than the beach.
Speaking of the beach, in 1990, he injured his spinal cord in a diving accident on Pensacola Beach, FL.
Still, to this day, when he says “I broke my neck” it sends shivers down his spine.
How did he survive? He “swam” to shore when he could barely move (and breathe). It was kind of surreal.
Kite surfing, stand-up paddling, parkour, cycling with clipless pedals? Not around when he could walk.
He wants to work in a Cirque-du-Soleil show just once.
Big mountains intimidate him.
Snakes and spiders scare him.
Name an 80’s movie and he’ll quote it for you. Name an 80’s song and he’ll sing it off key.
Mike says he writes to make readers question who they are and wonder about who they can become.
After leaving his last “suit” job, Mike decided to go on a “rollabout” (a walkabout in a wheelchair) so he flew to Australia with a backpack.
Mike says he’d be happy if there were more hours in a day, because he never seems to have enough time for all of his dreams.
He believes there is unique, deep beauty in everything, though finding and seeing it can be a challenge.
Mike likes to spend my days discovering the wonder, excitement, marvel and beauty of life.
How does he choose to live? As if.
Ham and pineapple pizza.
Ketchup (not catsup) on his eggs.
Favorite Halloween costume? Mike once dressed as Elvis (right down to a full face rubber mask) and had a great time being a “Rolling Elvis” until he rolled off a porch and landed in a parking lot. Turns out the mask limited his visibility just a bit and, as they say, that first step is a doozy.
Spirit animal? Sea turtle.
Collectables? License plates, mini baseball bats, state quarters, cycling water bottles, old running t-shirts.
His most annoying and overused phrase? Right On!
Current goal? To complete 30 Boston Marathons. He has finished 22 so far (both on foot and in a wheelchair) spanning 5 different decades.
Hidden talent? Watch him part a crowd as he rolls through it. He says it’s like his wheelchair has reverse magnetic powers that cause people to step away whenever he nears. Note – talent works well when getting in to sporting events and concerts.
Hates? Cobblestone streets, rolling into curb cuts filled with slushy water, overextending himself, wind chill factors.
Needs to do a better job? Keeping soda out of his diet.
Wishes he could? Have his legs back for just 1 day to carry his wife, Sarah, on his back and daughter, Caroline, on his shoulders for walks on the beach.

All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first thousand days, nor in the lifetime of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address, 1961