Green Grass Forever

A Mooresville company’s high-tech turf gives athletes an edge By Mike Savicki   It was 1965 when the Houston Astrodome opened as the world’s first multi-purpose, large scale, domed sports stadium. Nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” it featured numerous groundbreaking innovations that changed…


Another Day in Paradise

Karl Noonan has led an extraordinary life filled with setbacks and victories By Mike Savicki   A sign hangs above one of the televisions in Karl Noonan’s home. It simply reads Another Day in Paradise.   The sign could serve as a reminder of Noonan’s…


Keep Moving

Brad Keselowski doesn’t stop when the race is over By Mike Savicki   A twenty-seven-year-old who is living his dream in racing.   That’s how Mooresville’s Brad Keselowski summarizes his current lifestyle as we conclude an interview near Penske Racing headquarters. NASCAR’s two weeks of Charlotte…



Meet Trevor Bayne, America’s Youngest Daytona 500 Champion By Mike Savicki   When you win the Daytona 500, it’s fair to say you pretty much have free reign to do whatever you want on the grounds of the Daytona International Speedway. Trevor Bayne celebrated his…


Pit Bosses

The art and science of a NASCAR pit stop By Mike Savicki   Here’s the scenario. A Sprint Cup car roars in to the pits and skids to a stop. In the blink of an eye, a collection of six tool-yielding surgeons launch over a…


A Football Mind

Coach Don Breaux has a lifetime of the sport to share By Mike Savicki   If you took a poll of Panther fans entering Bank of America Stadium on any given Sunday, the chances are good that the overwhelming majority would not be able to identify…


Paddling for Gold

From Davidson to London – Caroline Queen’s Olympic Quest By Mike Savicki   If you happen to spot Caroline Queen on the Davidson College campus, where she is out of the water and away from her element, you might mistake her for your typical undergrad….


Cardiogolf Your Game

Karen Palacios-Jansen’s golf fitness program is changing the way golfers train and feel By Mike Savicki   Karen Palacios-Jansen turns on the camera in her home golf and fitness studio before beginning one of her weekly online training classes. Armed with medicine balls, hand weights,…